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Friday, May 1, 2015

Getting Started with doTERRA!

dōTERRA Goals/Scenarios
Your dōTERRA lifestyle can be as simple as being a user to as full as creating a giant network and reaping big monetary rewards. Below is a basic breakdown of goals or scenarios for the dōTERRA life.

dōTERRA Retail User

“I just want to use the oils, not sell anything or have any kind of tie to the company.”You are on your way to a healthier lifestyle using dōTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils to enrich you and your family and increase health and wellness. The best way to proceed is to purchase products from your local Wellness Advocate (or WA for short – and I can serve this purpose for you or use someone who you know will help and support you). You can purchase directly through your WA or on your own, at your convenience, anytime, from this retail web site. Ask your Wellness Advocate for other blogs and web sites to find out more information about how to use dōTERRA essential oils!

dōTERRA Wholesale User – AKA Wellness Advocates – Getting the Discount

“I heard you can become a rep with no commitment to sell, but get a discount off dōTERRA products.”You can become a part of the dōTERRA family by signing up with a wholesale account and then you are technically called a Wellness Advocate (WA). Even though you’ll have a title, there is no minimum monthly or yearly sales commitment unless you want to earn money. The cost to become a wholesale member, or Wellness Advocate, is $35 with your first order and you get 25% off of dōTERRA products. A current WA must sign you up (as an enroller or sponsor) or you can sign yourself up by clicking here. Once you are signed up, you can access your online virtual office by going to You will then get valuable information from dōTERRA about being a member and your sponsoring member can add you to the dōTERRA facebook community, which is a great place to ask questions and learn about how dōTERRA is helping people with different conditions.

It is highly recommended that your purchase one of the enrollment KITS when you enroll. This has a couple of benefits: First, better value. The $35.00 enrolls you, but you don’t get any product for that. The best comparison I heard is “not buying oils with a membership is like not putting gas in your new car.” When you purchase a kit through enrollment, your money is going towards PRODUCT. And of course, the bigger the kit, the bigger the savings. The most popular kits are the Natural Solutions and Every Oil kits mainly because of the big savings and it puts you in a higher rewards bracket. Also, dōTERRA is a lifestyle. Owning a KIT will give you an opportunity to learn all the different ways to use the oils in your daily life.
Frequent Buyer Rewards: The best way to order products after enrollment is through your virtual office and the Loyalty Rewards Program (do not use a retail site – otherwise you won’t get the discount). Oils have a dollar value and a points value (these are often different). If you order enough products each month, totaling 125 points or more by the 15th of the month, you are eligible for the free product of the month. Oils in the LRP system are wholesale, and can be designated for personal or resale.
To order: Click on “Shop” tab – and then on “My Loyalty Rewards Orders” (also accessed on your office home page). A Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Order will auto-ship at the same time every month. You can edit everything about this order each month if you want to – products, ship date, payment, etc. But it’s meant to be an autoship, so it will order the exact same thing if you don’t remember to update your “template” with new products each month. You can create as many new LRP orders as you want each month. The longer you keep a single Loyalty Rewards Order active (keep in mind you can change the products within that order each month), you build up a kickback percentage with points. You can accumulate points each time you order to get free products. You also get a free product each month if the Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP) are over 125 within one order (dōTERRA  picks the product, and sorry, it doesn’t work to accumulate points within several orders). 

dōTERRA Sharer – Wellness Advocate – Getting Your Oils Paid For“I’d like to make enough money from sharing oils to get my own order paid for.”You might find that you love the oils so much, that you end up signing people up with the wholesale membership for the same reason you started – to get the discount. The business of dōTERRA is an organic one because the oils have so many uses and one oil can be used for many family members and friends for so many conditions and benefits (unlike some other multi-level marketing companies who have very specific products). You might naturally start talking about dōTERRA to your friends because of the wonderful ways the products are changing the way you approach health and healing. Your friends want to know more. You share and give out samples. And before you know it, they want to be a part of dōTERRA too – really without you giving any traditional sales pitch. Just sharing organically. If those people start ordering, you start making money on their orders… and that leads to the next level…
Again, it is highly recommended that your purchase one of the enrollment KITS when you enroll. In addition to the benefits listed in the previous section, when your network makes larger purchases (KITS), this will really benefit your organizational volume (OV – meaning all the orders in your downline) and your fast start checks (see below). Also, you set a precedent for the people you sign up as new WA’s – so that when they sign people up, they will also encourage KITS as their first purchase.
Fast Start Bonus Checks: You can get an even bigger bonus when the people you enroll purchase products or enroll other members who purchase products within their first 60 days of membership. You receive 20% commission when your enrollee purchases 100 Points Value (PV) or more (up to 3 levels deep).

dōTERRA Builder – Wellness Advocate – Power of 3
Getting consistent commission checks really doesn’t start to fully kick in until you start building your network. dōTERRA’s system is called “The Power of 3”. The idea is simple: enroll three WA’s under you and those three WA’s enroll 3 more WA’s each and on and on – a fairly traditional multi-level marketing (MLM) program. But unlike most MLM programs where your commission decreases as your “downline” grows, with dōTERRA your commission increases. The key to building your network is to find 3-5 people with leadership personalities, who like to share, and who are truly interested in the product as well as natural health and healing. Once you get these 3-5 people, if you each are ordering at least 100 points per month, with an OV of 600 points per month, you get a bonus check for $50 each month – in addition to the commissions you are getting from all the orders taking place in your downline. If the second level of people (your 3-5 sign up 3-5 each) does the same thing, your monthly bonus check becomes $250, if that happens again on the third level, then your check increases to $1500! So with three tiers of people, each signing up 3 people (5 just to make sure the volume stays at 600 points), your checks will bring a great big smile to your face every month!

dōTERRA Leader – Wellness Advocate – A Career
Once you’ve built up your “Power of 3” and your team is rockin’, then a career with dōTERRA is limitless. You become a support system, mentoring all the people in your downline because you don’t necessarily need to be signing people up directly anymore. You benefit when the people you have personally enrolled excel. As you grow your team and your business, you become eligible for even more bonuses! dōTERRA and dōTERRA partners have a huge bank of resources, creative marketing and educational tools and ways to make your dōTERRA career a fun, profitable one!

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