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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why choose doTERRA?

Many people become dōTerra Independent Product Consultants (IPC) so that they are able to cover the cost of their dōTerra products.  Share dōTerra and empower others to take control of their health.   With just a few sales a month, you will receive  monthly and weekly commission checks that provide you with ample funds to cover your own vpurchases.
You can become a dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant by:
  1. Opening an IPC  account for $35.00.   IPC accounts remain active with one, yearly $50 order.  There is a $25 yearly renewal fee
  2. Purchasing an IPC Enrollment kit through our online store 
free doTERRA oils

Do I have to sell doTERRA if I sign up to be an IPC?
Absolutely not.   The IPC program offers you wholesale pricing on doTERRA products (much like Sam’s or Costco).   Another perk is the ability to purchase one of the enrollment kits at a reduced rate; these kits are not sold at retail cost.  Many people purchase an enrollment kit with no intention of selling doTERRA.  After they use the products, they realize the health benefits and naturally begin to share doTERRA with others.  Selling then becomes more of a service than a sales pitch.

What are the benefits of being an IPC?
There are numerous benefits of being a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant including the following:
  • 25% discount on doTERRA products
  • Your own personalized online store where you can refer customers and receive commissions on sales
  • A free virtual office where you can place orders, manage your customers and access product information
  • Free business training and marketing tools
  • The opportunity to earn generous commissions on your doTERRA sales as well as the sales of those under you.
  • The opportunity to earn free doTERRA products through Loyalty Rewards Points.

How do I make money with doTERRA?
doTERRA has a very generous compensation plan.  With an order of 100PV each month, doTERRRA IPCs are eligible to earn commission and bonuses.  Whether your intention is to cover the cost of your own personal  monthly products, supplement your income or build a doTERRA business that will replace your income, doTERRA offers several methods of generating income:
Retails sales.  Earn 25% commission from your free doTERRA website.  Sell items at retail price at events, store fronts, trade shows or face to face.

Power of 3 Team Bonus.  dōTERRA’s Power of 3™ Team Bonus is designed to provide generous bonuses to consultants who properly structure their organizations. There are three stages to this bonus which will be paid out each month as long as the required structure is maintained. To qualify for the first bonus, you must be a participant in dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) with a monthly order of at least a 100 PV. Each month you have three first-level consultants who also have a Loyalty Rewards order of at least 100 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus in addition to your retail and Fast Start bonuses and other commissions. To qualify for the $50 bonus, you must also have a Team Volume (defined as your PV and the combined PV of all your first-level consultants) of at least 600 PV. To qualify for the second Power of 3 bonus of $250, simply help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $50 bonus themselves. To qualify for the third Power of 3 bonus, help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $250 bonus and you will receive $1,500 every month your team structure remains in place.   What could you do with an additional $1,500 monthly?
Fast Start Bonuses.  The Fast Start bonus is designed to provide you, as an enrolling sponsor, immediate rewards for enrolling new IPC’s into your business organization by paying 20% on purchases and sales made within the new IPC’s first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly and applies three generations deep for the new enrollee’s first 60 days (see graphic).  A personal Loyalty Rewards order of 100PV or more is required to be eligible for this bonus.

Click here to open your new consultant account with doTERRA. Select “Join as a new Independent Product Consultant”. Then follow the step by step instructions to setting up your new account.   Expect Miracles!

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