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Welcome to my own little corner of the Web! I love my family and do what I can to leave as little of a carbon footprint on this beautiful earth we call home. We have become a paperless kitchen family! We make a lot of our stuff homemade. I love coffee and web browsing on blogs/facebook/pinterest, healthy organic (GMO free) cooking, and lots of kisses from Chris, Aiden, Coren and Mason...I am complete. I thrive to make our lives better. I have began a new stage in my life for my children. I want to show health to my children and what better way thru our every day life. I am currently on a weight loss journey and I will be sharing my success and failures on here. I am here to motivate and keep me accountable to reclaim my health and get my life back! Enjoy the ride :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving, Moving, Moving!

Hello friends and followers!  Ive been gone this week due to packing!  We are moving into our 3 bedroom appartment tomorrow!  So exciting here are a few pictures of our place!

For the kiddos
 For the hubbs

And 3 bedrooms of wonderful space for mom :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mystery Shopper

Ok so many people have been asking me about this mystery shopping Ive been doing.  Asking if I make money doing it?  Is it fun?  How do I find out about these shops?  Well I'm going to answer all our questions here at once.

Mystery Shopping is a way a company//business can see if there employees are having outstanding customer service, what they need to work on when training employees and also to know what employees are going above and beyond what they are expect of.  What I love about mystery shopping is I know now I am helping make customer service better which helps the company but is great for the customers.  I know I shop at places that treat me right over a store that doesn't care.

I have shopped a few different companies.  When I started I did the few that you made X amount of dollars and your reimbursed X amount of dollars.  Which is all great but I really like doing the ones I don't put out money to earn money.  I've done Fast Food Shops ( which is hard when you are vegan I'm telling you ), Car lot Shops, Car Service Shops,  Bank Shops, Cellphone Shops and Travel Center Shops.  Here are a few companies I've worked our am working for.

Best Mark


Beyond Hello

Service Sleuth

ACE Mystery Shopping

I have been doing this since the end of July.  Ranging from $5.00-$17.00 a shop with one all the way up to $30.00 upon completion.  I've made about 50.00-100.00 dollars a week.  Thats all extra money we are saving for Christmas.  Whats great about this is I can do this with or without the kiddos and its flexible.  Hope this helps.  If you have more questions just ask :)