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Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Review Thursday ~ Essentially Raw

Essentially Raw by Marie Saratakis
On Amazon: $12.95
Kindle: $4.99

A Rainbow of Benefits:
Here is 1 benefit of each colored fruit or veggie. 

Yellow/Gold ~ Yellow is often a sign of beta carotene, which helps your body produce vitamin A.  Which benefits your skin and eye health.  Example food: Squash & Carrots

Blue/Purple ~ Many blue foods contain anthocyanins which means they are full of antioxidants.   Which means it helps eliminate cancer causing free radicals. Example food: Blueberries

Red ~ Red food may possess lycopene, which can reduce your risk of cancer and pre-mature aging. Example food: Beets & Tomatoes

Green ~ Green means a boost to your immunity. Example food: Spinach & Kale

White ~ White foods can lower cholesterol. Example food: Jicama

As you can see this book is awesome if you are on the fence about becoming raw!  Stay tuned next week for more on Essentially Raw.

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  1. I'm definitely going to take this into account when grocery shopping next week.