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Welcome to my own little corner of the Web! I love my family and do what I can to leave as little of a carbon footprint on this beautiful earth we call home. We have become a paperless kitchen family! We make a lot of our stuff homemade. I love coffee and web browsing on blogs/facebook/pinterest, healthy organic (GMO free) cooking, and lots of kisses from Chris, Aiden, Coren and Mason...I am complete. I thrive to make our lives better. I have began a new stage in my life for my children. I want to show health to my children and what better way thru our every day life. I am currently on a weight loss journey and I will be sharing my success and failures on here. I am here to motivate and keep me accountable to reclaim my health and get my life back! Enjoy the ride :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review Thursday on Friday

I'm totally slacking this week I am so very sorry. But I am getting these posts done :) Here is what I read last night

Essentially Raw by Marie Saratakis
On Amazon: $12.95
Kindle: FREE

Like I said last week. This book is amazing and gets your brain thinking. Here is the list of things to expect by adhering to a mostly raw diet:

~Reveal Youthful Skin
~Maintain a Healthy Weight
~Brighten your Sclera - whites of your eyes
~Reverse Aging
~Possess More Energy
~Improve Your Mood
~Promote Brain Health
~Need Less Sleep
~Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
~Improve Fertility
~Strengthen Your Immune System
~Prevent Diabetes
~Ease Digestion
~Increase Life Expectancy
~Stay Regular
~Increase Hydration

So I have taken the challenge of going raw and I have made it to 25% of the time. This week I plan to bump up to 50%. The one thing I have noticed that I need less sleep, I have lost weight and I have more energy. My goal is to obtain 100% of this list by the end of the year. Anyone else what to take this challenge?

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