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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Cleaned and Organized

With baby number 3 on the way, what better time to get in a steady routine of being clean and organized than now?

Over the next few weeks I'm going to write a few posts related to these topics to share things I'm learning as well as get some tips and tricks from any of my readers out there.

First order of business is "Time Management 101."

The other day I was staring at a pile of dishes in my sink, a cluttered living room, unswept floor, and two piles of laundry. I thought to myself, "Where did all of this come from and where did the day go?"

Then I actually thought about it. I'm ashamed to say a huge chunk of my day was spent online. Not all in one sitting of course, but spread out across the day and on my phone too. I think I calculated maybe 2 or 3 hours spent online (maybe more some days) - reading facebook updates, craigslist, reading and deleting emails, reading my favorite blog posts, posting on my own blog....etc.

I was horrified to think I spent so much time online while my house went to heck and back.

So I decided I needed to set a schedule and some limits.

As a preliminary trial run, here is what I'm thinking as far as a schedule. I'm not thinking I will do everything exactly at the time specified, this will just be more of a guideline to try and go by.

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7-8am or 9am Internet time, quiet time for 1 hour to catch up on internet, blogs and facebook ect.

8-10am Make beds, breakfast and a walk with the kids

10-11am Get ready for the day

11-12pm Aidens and Corens nap time- Put one load of laundry in and do one chore (ie. sweep, vacuum, dishes ect.)

12 or 1pm Lunch

12-1pm Playtime

1-2pm Aidens TV time - One chore

2-4pm More playtime, Corens second nap time and one chore

4-6pm Prepare and eat dinner

6-8pm Baths, bedtime, dishes and clean counters

8-9pm Clean up toys from the day and relax with a nice shower

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~ Make Beds

~ All dishes done and counters wiped down before bed

~ 1-2 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away

~ Clutter picked up from common areas

~ Diaper champ taken outside and dumped

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~ Grocery Shopping

~ Sweep/Mop twice a week

~ Clean bathrooms(toilets, sinks, counters, floors and tub/shower

~ Wash and change sheets

~ Kitchen ( scrub microwave, clean out fridge

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